In-laws and being an average wife :)

I have a good relationship with my in-laws, they have known me since I was 16 so they have been part of my life for a long time, however something we very rarely discuss is my weight or if I am on a diet or something. I presume they feel it is not their place, and I quite like it. I like it that they are like loving parents but there is no pressure, no comments if I should be eating something, or comments that Jo-Jo won’t have seconds etc. They may well have conversations while I’m not there, but never say anything to me. That is until now… I felt they needed to know about the surgery, and when I first mentioned it the other day, my MIL did seem a little surprised. We had plans to see them today so we said we could discuss it then. I felt it was good to sow the seed, let them digest the news and then I can explain and answer any questions today. Which is exactly what happened, but it was far less judgmental or awkward that I feared it might be. My FIL was very supportive, he liked that it seemed I had done a lot of research and knew the pros and cons, he completely agreed that the benefits would far outweigh the down sides. I have come away feeling happy. I think I am waiting for someone to tell me it is the wrong thing to do, that they know someone who had it done.. blah blah blah, I think I automatically feel a bit defensive, and that I need to convince them why I need it and it is the best thing for me, but everyone seems so supportive. :) (just need to tell my Dad…. really not looking forward to that one… in fact not sure if I am going to.)

Mr M has left me for a week :( He mentioned that he was travelling with a new colleague as well this time, someone I hadn’t met and that would be at the airport. I immediately felt panicked. I have never liked meeting his work colleagues, always feel very embarrassed and that they will not only judge me but also Mr M, wondering why he is with someone like me. I was explaining to him that when you don’t know someone you always just imagine them as being an average person, average size and looks. I’m sure they do not imagine that his wife would be overweight. I prefer for people to imagine that his wife is average or even stunning… rather than seeing the truth! Mr M has never ever made me feel that he is embarrassed of me, he is always very complimentary, but I just feel that he deserves more. Hopefully one day soon, I will feel more comfortable and happy to be the average wife. :)

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