Oh shortbread - not sure if I’ll miss you!

Feeling a little bit odd today, as it is 2 more days until I begin my liver shrinking milk diet in preparation for my op. My last day at work ‘eating’ normally. I’ve noticed a couple of times that this has crossed my mind. At the end of the day I had a couple of biscuits from the tin and it was my favourite — shortbread! YUMMY!! The combination of butter + sugar are simple heaven! :) I made the decision to have 3 biscuits, (as I wouldn’t be having them for a long time) I didn’t savour the taste and texture, or eat them openly, it was a quick bite before I got on with more jobs. THEN… 30mins later, I get indigestion! I really must try to remember that however much I love these foods, they really do not love me! They generally make me feel pretty rubbish. I really hope to remember that I know what they taste like, I’ve had them plenty of times, and nearly every time they give me indigestion, so I do not need to eat them again! Other culprits include, crisps, fresh bread, digestives, soup, generally anything with butter as well!

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