So much in 3 days!

Over the last 3 days there has been one thing that has been in the forefront of my mind. The pending surgery…preparing for it, thinking about how it might be afterwards, worrying about what people will say, trying to decided if I am strong enough to care about what people might say and also attending my first support meeting.

I was so very nervous as I pulled up to the support meeting, although I knew it would be a very casual and relaxed group full of people like me waiting to have the op, people who have recently had it and then people who are living there full life years after the surgery, I was still entering a completely new environment, meeting people I had not met before… all except one (Miss S) who I had met at an appointment at the hospital and we had been in contact via FaceBook since. Thankfully as I pulled up, the one person I knew had just parked her car too… perfect, I couldn’t have been any happier! It was great to meet people who had been through everything I am thinking of, people who have struggled, understand my concerns and fill me in with how it was for them. Through the evening I did begin to feel a little overwhelmed, I think it was the reality of it all, that I am going to have to think about things forever, not being able to, or not advisable to take ibuprofen, to think that the dissolvable pain relieve will be better as it gets absorbed easier. Also the idea of needing a medical bracelet — things I have not thought of. After airing my concerns everyone was very quick to calm my nerves and answer all my question… I feel very lucky to be part of such a supportive group.

Today I started preparing for after the op. I made a cottage pie for dinner this evening, I made extra with it in mind that I can blitz it up and freeze it into cubes. I made sure I added a few more vegetables than I might normally, trying to make sure the food I am going to eat is ‘good’ food. When I say ‘good’ food, I do not mean that in a diet way, but in the way of being full of health benefits. I am not going to be eating very much so what I am eating need to be great quality and full of nutrients. The cottage pie blitzed up ok, it reminded me of when I made foods up for the boys when they were babies! My sister has kindly been sending me some yummy recipes, spinach and avocado soup sounded gorgeous! It looks a lot more appetising than my brown puree!
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