So much sleep!

I know when you are recovering from an operation or have been poorly it is important to rest, but at the same time not to be lazy. During the last week I have been incredibly fortunate that Mr M works from home and with the Boys being on school holidays it has made it possible for me to take the time to have a rest/nap in the afternoon. This need for a nap, is not me being a bit pathetic or wimpy, thinking I’ll take advantage while I can, the need for sleep has been essential. Come the early afternoon and I am really struggling to stay awake. Is this recovery? Still effects of the anesthetics? Due to such small amounts of food/fuel? What ever the reason, I need to sleep. In fact, my ‘naps’ should probably be called ‘sleeps’ because once a nap goes over 45mins? I think that officially it turns into a sleep! :) Mine, have been roughly 2 hours!!!! Today, while my Boys were treated to a day out in London with my Step-Dad I slept for 3 hours!! Now this, can surely only happen if you actually need it. I am a firm believer that if you sleep in or have a long afternoon nap or something, your body will only do it if it is needed. If you are feeling well, energised and full of life you simply wouldn’t be able to sleep during the day.

Let’s hope this gradually lessens, as I not sure the children at work will appreciate me snoring in the book corner! :)

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