Accelerating Little Riot

Joanna Montgomery
Feb 9, 2015 · 2 min read

Today marks the first page of a new chapter for my startup, Little Riot.

In December 2013, I got screwed over by my investors. It’s a story for another day, but it was unexpected and turned both my company and my personal life upside down. What followed was almost a year of struggle, bounced payments, redundancies and soul-searching.

The situation left Little Riot in such a compromised position that potential new investors would look at me like I was an ex-con asking for a job. I would attempt to explain the lay of the land in the least-terrifying way possible and they would peer at me quizzically over their cup of coffee, one eyebrow raised, wondering what I was hiding from them. “Did they ask for their money back because she did something? Is she a nightmare to work with? Is Little Riot a front for a drug emporium?”

This struggle makes it even more exciting that today I can finally announce that we are part of the Wayra accelerator, with investment from Telefonica.

We are also part of the Wearable World Winter 2015 class and portfolio.

We are hiring new team members and now have an office in London and San Francisco. But, best of all;

Pillow Talk will launch for sale within the next few months.

I’m also excited to welcome Samuel Cox as our new Head of Product. I’ve known Sam for a few years and Little Riot is lucky to have him join as a core team member. He will be heading up the product management whilst I focus on the commercial side of the business.

We will spend the next eight months being incubated and supported by an incredible team, in both the UK and US. The last year hasn’t been easy but I am very proud to be standing here today. I’ll write another day about the process — and the many, many people I owe thanks to — but today I want to focus on our bright future.

Thank you to everyone who continues to be part of my journey; especially those who never gave up on me.

    Joanna Montgomery

    Written by

    Interaction designer; creating a world where being a human becomes first. Founder of start-up @LittleRiotHQ and creator of product 'Pillow Talk'. Weightlifter.

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