A Disturbing Thought

I had a second dream — with Him — in it.

Where, for a startled moment or two, I found myself nodding in agreement, feeling faintly like fellow conspirators for a “better, greater America”, even while the churn of disbelief and guilt roiled in my gut and psyche.

It was what woke me up…momentarily I was in His camp…surprised at his observations on the economy, and of family life — the topics we were discussing in my mother’s kitchen — and how I was nodding my head…in approval.

Then I was awake…with a backache and sense of bewilderment.

Why would President Trump be in my kitchen…talking amicably about the economy and of the importance of family life…with me, a member of the “rest” of the Country that did not vote for him — did not and does not support his policies — his business-, moneyed-centric policies — nor his rhetoric of “us vs them”, of “we need to be better, bigger, faster, more powerful…dominant.”

Perhaps it was a post by a cousin who did vote for him — who supports him even now — and her self-described “vent” at those who would “mine” his every action, dissect his every word…then discuss its significance and correctness on every media. And how it left her despairing for his ability to “do what he came to do”…to “make America great, again.”

Perhaps it was because, while disagreeing with the lion’s share of her disdain — I am, after all, one of “those people” — I agreed with the desire to “move on” to more substantive topics. More discussion and debate on what laws, what good governance could do for all of its people.

Except it won’t be through His actions…or his rhetoric…his Orders…his placements of yet another bewildering, inexperienced person to a post of His choosing…his tweets…

It — the governance…will be from us…people on both sides working hard to craft policies, uphold or remold regulation, debate the impacts…us…the more involved people of America…all of the people of America.

He will make America Great, again, by making America get involved in its governance, its present and future.

Agreement will be difficult- debate will be constant- argument will be harsh…America will be changed. By its people.

There…I said it…I agree…now, get out of my dreams, please.


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