Stop Caring About Stats and Just Write
Elliot Nichols

Just Writing, Elliot

I’ve been a writer for almost five decades, and have seen my work well received in newspapers, magazines, on TV, and as an attorney. I’ve also written two novels, both published, one in 1996, the other in 1997 so I absolutely identify with the authors you describe in your first paragraph — and with the sentiment of your very last paragraph (Elliot Nichols, Stop Caring About Stats and Just Write.)

When I decided to return to writing fiction last year, I was told I should set up an author website — which I did. I do not blog on it, I write an article approximately every month about things I really care about. This month I wrote about Trump’s despicable anti-immigrant rants, and how, if he is elected, hate crimes here will surge just as they did in the UK after the Brexit (anti-immigrant) vote. I thought it was a pretty good piece. So did people who read it on my website.

I imported it to Medium three days ago and so far it’s had zero reads. I’ve just edited it for Medium, changed the headline and deleted several paragraphs about my personal experience in the UK. I don’t imagine those edits will increase my hearts on Medium. That’s okay. I had to write it, and I really enjoyed writing it. Believe me!!!!

The really odd thing is that after the Democratic Convention, I wrote a two-line response to Meagan Day’s (Timeline) story about Michelle Obama’s statement that slaves had built the White House. My stats show the response, to date, has had 111 views and 89 reads (although viewing is necessarily reading it; it is that brief!) — and five hearts.

Wouldn’t that suggest that hitching one’s proverbial wagon to a star like yourself or Ms. Day is more of a factor in increasing stats than good writing? I guess we’ll see.

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