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Just Writing : follow-up

Elliot, don’t know where this will appear in your responses, but it is supposed to be in response to your response to me. Thank you for your kind words as to my writing experience. I do know things were very different back when my first two novels were published.

Perhaps better for writers starting out in the sense that we were not really aware back then of all the competition and talent out there. For example Medium has so many great writers who write about great subjects. I love it. But if I had been exposed to Medium when I was starting out, I might have quit in the face of such awesome competition.

Anyway, on a final note wanted to say I was attracted to your article not only by the headline, but also by the image of the old typewriter. I am adding an image of my very first typewriter here.

It was a gift from my father who was in WWII , and who told me he bought this portable Smith Corona from an American journalist in Europe at the end of the war.

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