Then finding out an old flame passed away

My son and I were sitting in Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art having coffee after seeing a collection of European Masters from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. We were talking about letter writing, in the days when people wrote and posted physical letters to communicate with…

You make our lives worth living

Creatives help us escape our everyday lives. They write music, audiobooks, podcasts that energise us for the day ahead. Could we survive those dreary commutes in the car or train or bus — in silence?

So, does society help creatives write and produce binge-worthy TV series, or play music in…

My fingers are slower but my mind is in the zone

I’ve just finished playing the piano for the night, and I thought I would tell you what it feels like to play as an older person. There are some obvious downsides, but it’s a more wonderful time than ever to make music.

I play classical and pop music, background piano…

I did it for my musical friend June

“Oh, look at his tatt,” June said backstage.

“If I were ten years younger, I would do that.” June was my musical director, and I was her pianist and répétiteur.

“Would you really?” I asked. “You’d get a tattoo in your fifties?”

“Oh yes,” June said in a wistful and…

A Story About My Parents

I have my dad’s old passports. He died in 1984, in London, when he was 64. I was 21 and in New York. My dad was a journalist and a great traveller. …

But only when my son asked

Parenthood is a special magic. It’s a privilege with an expiry date and during that time you are bigger and better and stronger and smarter and the most formidable human being you could ever be. …

Joanna Funk

Chinese Brit from London, now in Queensland. Former finance subeditor. Pianist, blogger, author. In a reggae band.

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