Be the change.

This is my first medium post and I can’t think of a better way to start than with a a love letter to our “models” aka our customers, inspiration, wear testers, and reason for being.

I can’t say this is for everyone, but for me success and happiness has been 100% linked to attaching myself to a mission that I feel passionate fighting for. On Monday night on the streets of downtown Toronto that all came together.

We did our first fashion show. At our first ever pop up. In front of our first out of home campaign. The idea came together in just under 27 hours and with a budget of $1000. It took us less than one day to bring together this incredible group of women. It wasn’t fancy. But it was perfect.

We proved in real life that women of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds are beautiful and worthy. That self-confidence cannot be bought with big billboards and fancy shoots but if can be nurtured and brought out — especially when we band together and support one another.

I can say that with full confidence because every shoot we do, every time I meet another one of you beautiful, ambitious, fun, courageous, smart women — I change. I started Knix when I was 28 years old and had a ton of insecurity about my body built up from years of bullying and being put down for being larger than what the media tells us is ideal. But you have changed me. You have helped me let go of the bullshit. To recognize that a woman’s drive does run deeper than feathers and lace — and no billboard, no negative comment on instagram, no campaign, can take that away.

I’ve been in awe watching you share your personal stories on social media since we parted ways on Monday night.

Like this from Brianne — who for the record walked FIRST. She walked FIRST.

Or this beauty from Kim: “Thank you for the opportunity and for making me and hopefully others realize that 50 can be as fabulous as you want it to be!”

In case you can’t tell from this photo. Kim is the one showing women everywhere at every age what fabulous feels like.

Or this one from Lauryn

To the 20 women that joined us on Monday night — thank you. To the over 200 women that have worked with us since we launched in 2013 — thank you.

Thank you for believing in me, in Knixwear and in our mission. There is a change in the air and it’s never been more needed. We need each other. We need to lift one another up. To support, stand behind and encourage one another. To demand more and to demand better.

We need to be the change.

P.S. If it speaks to you, I would love for you to help share our message and to comment and share your thoughts below.

Juanna (left), Joanna (me, center) and Jahmeelah (right). Not sure if I have ever been so happy and so proud.