How to plan a camping trip to Horton Plains

Horton Plains is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka and is an essential experience if you ever find yourself on this beautiful island landscape. The World’s End trail in particular is a fulfilling and breathtaking, despite rigorous, journey and one that will surely be remembered for a lifetime.

1. Find Your Choice of Accommodation — If you’re going to visit Horton Plains then it is essential you take the World’s End trail that is a fairly demanding trek that will leave you exhausted once you’re done. A trip to Horton Plains is definitely not a one-day-excursion, and you will definitely to spend the night there after your hike for a whole range of reasons. Therefore, find a place to stay that is suitable for your budget and needs. There’s a whole range of accommodation in Nuwara Eliya to choose from, and some options such as Yoho Bed have many different choices of room-types to choose from.

2. Plan How to Get There — There are many ways to reach Horton Plains, so it’s best to choose the best way to do so. If you’re a solo traveller, taking public transportation might be risky, especially if you’re female, so it’s best to see if you could rent a vehicle, or even find a like-minded person or group of people to split the cost of hiring a van with. Vans can be quite expensive, and will cost around Rs.3000 just to go to World’s End from Nuwara Eliya. If you can borrow a vehicle, depending on the vehicle’s fuel-economy, your fuel costs should most likely be within the ball-park of Rs.10,000 to travel all the way from Colombo and back. Van/Tuk drivers can have a tendency to rip off foreigners so it would be great if you can travel in the company of a knowledgeable local.

3. Pack Light — Since most of your adventure will consist of hiking the trail, it’s best not to pack anything un-essential since you will most likely have to haul it around during the fairly demanding journey to World’s End and back. Be sure not to take packed lunches with you since, for one thing, carrying plastic bags is prohibited, and park officials will confiscate them. So it’s best to have a decent meal beforehand and then carry ample water with you during the course of the trail. Be sure to not litter the park with any plastic bottles or wastage. Although the weather can be quite chilly, it won’t be cold enough to have to wear multiple layers of clothing, and once you begin your trek you are guaranteed to feel quite warm so its best you dress comfortably. Be sure to wear shoes, either in the form of sneakers or boots since you will definitely need those during the journey. You will at one point reach Baker’s Falls, and might even be compelled to take a dip, so bright a change of clothes and some swim-wear.

4. Bring a Camera and Capture Memories — During the course of your journey through the World’s End trail you will encounter some of the most spectacular scenery that Sri Lanka has to offer. So be sure to be prepared to capture as many of the incredible sights that you see so you can re-visit your adventure from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to take naturalistic shots instead of constantly taking group selfies. Take pictures of all the places that capture your fascination and don’t forget to have your picture taken with these places and/or items as well. In addition to natural splendour, you’re bound to encounter some fascinating animals as well to take pictures of.

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