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An interesting conversation. My short bits come from highlights I made(don’t know how to add those to my response; better figure out soon for clarity).

eternity — the uncaused cause — yes, a mind-blower for sure, though only because I believe my mind to be finite. Could it be that I DO understand in my core, because that’s the bit made ‘in the image?’

“Only game in town.” Another quote that sounds incredible (boring) because of lack of imagination!

“Absolutely planned!” I mean, to suggest that this is plan B suggests a fallible God. The explanation seems like willful gambling though, God telling Satan he could be Prince of the Power of the Air(Eph.2:2), the ‘god of this world,’(2 Cor.4:4). He threw us under the bus?? Gave us up?? No, not really, but we may be blind to understand.

My faith in all things Biblical is pretty child-like and simple. I can explain it as I understand it, but I cannot understand it for someone else…

Chi non lavoro, non mangia. Who does not work, does not eat. Pretty common quote in many languages. Indeed, to whom much is given, much is required. We do not all have to line out on some scale of value. I saw a guy busking the other day — playing his guitar. He was working, not digging a ditch, but working nonetheless.

I responded here because I want to say to you that my job, and yours, has not changed one iota. It’s everywhere in sacred texts, here are a few snippets from the one I read: Micah 6:8…do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your god. Pray for leadership(this includes thanks) 2Tim.2:2 Bless those that curse you and mistreat you. Luke 6:28 Don’t get tired of doing good. Gal.6:8 Between judgement and mercy, make mistakes to mercy’s balance. James 2:13

Oh, and “Don’t be anxious.” We’re told that in some 60+ places; sounds kind of important, eh? Don’t worry, have no fear, be not afraid…

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