What the fuck? He couldn’t hang on for two God damn minutes til I made it back? Fuck!
The Difference Two Minutes Can Make

During my husband’s life, and last illness, I heard him say often that he wanted to go to “the elephant’s graveyard.” I knew on one level that he wanted to crawl off alone, but I wanted to care for him — finally keep a promise(third marriage). I made it about me. But he, finally, made it about himself by transitioning once I had made my hourly check of pulse and breathing rate.

I was angry, but not for long. I knew with a tiny moment of pleased surprise that he had gone as close to how he wanted as he could.

Some people want to be surrounded, some wish to be alone. It is a story for another year for me; it is too fresh. Still, this was a beautiful piece, thank you for the link from A Few Years.