“Clean Food”
Kevin Folta

Good conversation to start. I am a “clean” food eater; I am on the slender side of finances, but I also have time to cook from scratch. The biggest problem I have experienced with how food is grown, advertised and presented, is the non-subject of needless pesticides. The promise of GE food producing more, safer, etc has not materialized, and pesticide use is on the rise, in part because of (surprise!) plant adaptation to pesticides.

That said, I do believe our gratitude for food in the belly, the thing that will fill us up most and last longest, is the highest standard for nutritional use. The body extracts the most nutrients when in a relaxed state. So, whatever it is you have today to eat, take a second to breathe, say thanks, and dig in; it will nourish. Eating in a fear response not only nullifies the good of the food, it actually draws nutrients out of the body in the urine.

The discussion of “clean” vs (what?) “dirty” food is a conversation that needs explanation of terms used, parameters, so we understand each other; indeed, I would change the terms. Clean and dirty sound like good and bad, moral judgements on a basic human need for food. So…


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