Stop Yelling About What Poor People Eat
Chris Newman

I love this whole piece, Skinny-man Chris! I saw the Ron Findley Ted talk. Love it, posted it to FB and said, “Let’s grow some shit!” Yep.

Grow gardens, not lawns, that’s my deal; I am turning my lawn into permaculture(read “pile old dirt with new lawn clippings and wood chips, and plant stuff”).

The summer days of a wheelbarrow by the side of the road with fresh produce are coming. I almost hyper-ventilate thinking about it! Yes, it’s “clean,” because I am too cheap to buy chemicals, I live near a stream in town, and I have time to weed. I know it won’t support families yet, but I have to start…

This is a great piece; insightful, hopeful, realistic, forgiving. Persevere! Blessings on your head, may you sweat in abundance.

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