The Black Mirror-ing of Christianity
Matt Tolander

This is heart-breaking for me. I am searching “church,” “Christianity,” and “This Happened to Me” because I have been DMed that it is time to speak out. And I don’t want to tell…about the virtual realities, the experienced judgements, the godless behavior of the believers…I am waiting to hear how to do this, an incredibly uncomfortable spot!

More than all that, I DO want to share the hope I found, in Christ, outside the church in which I was raised. Wow, there is just so much to unpack, and there is so much joy to share, but there is also heartbreak…I know those folks did their best; and I know they have modern counterparts, all of whom need my forgiveness and acceptance. I once judged my worth based on what other people thought of me — as someone who claims to be a child of God, I want to actually use the name and position to lift people up, not throw them into a mad, hopeless virtual reality.

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