I’m Not An Apple.
Lisa S.

This is wonderful! I clicked into it, because when you said you were not an apple, my mind skipped to someone who said we are all apple trees, meant to make apples…I thought maybe you had heard him, tried to be an apple, and discovered you were not! Hahahaha! Okay, so I will add the link.

It’s worth a watch. Back when I was pregnant with my second child, hoping for a homebirth, I engaged a female naturopathic doctor. At some point, I asked her why she was not married yet. She paused, then looked at me and said, “Because I have not yet met the one who will improve my life by being in it.” In retrospect, I realize now that had she had that person in her life, she would not have been allowed to marry her…so, there’s that. Thanks for the insight!

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