Some lessons I have learnt after having quit my job

Well, almost 2 months after having quit my job, there have been a lot of reflexions and contrasting feelings I want to share now, may be as a theraphy or perhaps with the intention to find someone in the same moment or feeling.

First lesson I’ve learnt is that life is too short to not decide on time why or what to fight for. Life is more than being successful, success is more than earning the great salary or having a lot of things to feel happy, happiness is more than be at the top of all and having all fixed or for granted, I have learnt that life, success or happiness is all when you give it a sense, a meaning everyday. Find that meaning and wake up every morning to work and live for it, then you will enjoy your always-given happiness and abundance even if nobody notices your sacrifices or efforts, all rewards are an inner and worthy gift to your soul.

Second, care all about your health. Does it really matter be at the top with money but losing your health quietly? Nop, we must teach people that being successful is not «playing» with your inner and external well-being. You need to sleep well, eat well, rest well and wake up with energy and feel active and productive everyday and valued by your employer, in case you’re an employee. In case you are an entrepreneur, care more, entrepreneurship is a long-learning and sacrificed decision. If you feel you are tired or burned out, make a decision now, your body and mind… and life! will thank and reward you.

Third, enjoy living in the present than expecting A future. I’ve learnt that having a plan is good, but not having it is freedom, no maps, no roads at all gives you the freedom to create something new every moment, to assess your creativity more frequently, to prove how resourceful and effective you are towards an objetive. I am not saying that you do not need a north or goal, in fact, you need it, but you can dispense with the paths used by others or imposed by society. Happiness is not a destiny but a journey. Let’s make it worth it!

Finally, giving and paying forward must be a principle. The reason I quit my job is Geek Girls, my NGO, I do believe I can help other women to empower themselves with and through technology, to give them more possibilities to conquer their dreams and fights. Waking up with that purpose gives me life and happiness. Social entrepreneurship worths life and sacrifices where money is not exactly a priority for you but to carry out programs to help others. That’s my bigest lesson, what’s your?

Thanks for reading until this point. I really appreciate your comments. @joannaprieto