Joanna Riedl
Dec 18, 2016 · 2 min read

What happens when we’re drawn to the wrong light?

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Chained to my phone…

Email! Slack! Social media!

Uncontrollably checking it

Responding to work inquiries minute by minute

Second by second

If it causes me anxiety and stress

Why do I continue to do it?

What am I distracting myself from?

I feel tight in my shoulders and my uterus

All the time

Holding on so tight

To something

That takes me away from feeling empty

From being with myself

What happens if I let go?

Like REALLY let go


Does that mean something about my worth?

If I’m not available, am I forgotten?

If I’m not connected, will I be left out?

If I’m not adding value in every moment, do I have none?

What would happen if I placed more intention on my actions

Break free from this dependence on distraction

Create space

Be open to creativity

Fill myself with nourishment

Rather than intense micro-moments of “connection” through technology

When I’m always on my phone, I’m blocking out the present moment

Unaware of what’s happening around me

Buried in a deep distraction

Instead of looking for the real light

The true essence of life

Through connection to people and nature

And myself

Allowing it to wash over me

Fill me with love

Why am I drawn to a screen that lights up

Instead of using my own light to connect

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