Full Moon in Capricorn

Joanna Riedl
Jul 9, 2017 · 1 min read

…her bright light shines on everyone but waits for no one.

The full moon rose slowly tonight over the valleys of Montana with grace and patience. A perfect portrait of a lady who won’t be hurried and waits for no one.

It’s really all on nature’s time, I thought to myself.

As she gradually peeked over the mountain, her light was so strong and nourishing that you completely forgot you were even waiting and could only bask in her unfiltered glory as she began to arrive into your presence.

She radiates pure energy — awake, connected and conscious. What powers her is beyond the mind’s comprehension and connects us all.

She oozes femininity with ease. There are no bells and whistles to her, she is simple, pure, massive, strong, light.

You can see her scars, she doesn’t hide them, she leads with her bruised facade right on her surface and somehow these flaws only make her even more breathtaking.

Nothing could ever get in the way of her light. You never question the moon’s beauty. She wouldn’t care if you did. She’s not the type that asks for permission.

With everyone constantly gazing up, stealing private moments with her, looking for answers, her presence and light silently guides them, reflecting back their own intuition without ever taking on their suffering as her own.

She is surrounded by nothing but darkness and empty space, because she knows that’s where she shines the brightest.

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