The Difference Between a Girl and a Woman

Joanna Riedl
Sep 10, 2016 · 2 min read

It’s a constant back and forth.

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A girl is immature

A woman is mature

A girl is easily agitated and has temper tantrums

A woman acts with grace

A girl is fragile and needs to be taken care of

A woman is strong and takes care of herself

A girl relies on others

A woman is self-sufficient

A girl is told what to do

A woman makes her own choices

A girl doesn’t know how to express herself

A woman communicates her feelings even when it’s difficult

A girl shies away from responsibility

A woman embraces it

A girl runs away when things get hard

A woman stands tall and works through it

A girl tries to show off and make people like her

A woman is humble and can accept if people don’t like her

A girl takes everything personally

A woman knows who she is and doesn’t let other people affect her

A girl doesn’t trust the world

A woman trusts herself

A girl is loved

A woman loves

A girl is afraid of change

A woman embraces it

A girl is focused on what she wants or needs

A woman is focused on what she can give others

A girl gives up easily

A woman tries harder

A girl is hard on herself

A woman is gentler

A girl acts tough to not let people in

A woman shows people who she really is

A girl wants to be heard

A woman listens

A girl says whatever comes to mind

A woman is thoughtful in what she says

A girl reacts from emotion

A woman takes her time before responding

A girl is insecure

A woman is confident

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