How To Improve Mobile App’s First Impression?

No matter how good your app is, future users might decide in the first few seconds, whether they like your app or nor. Don’t let them abandon it after the first use.

So, how to make your users involved enough with your app to make them want to use it?

1. Google Play/ App Store.

2. The splash screen.

Pocket and Skype splash screens

3. Login/Sign up screens.

4. Onboarding.

There are a few common onboarding user patterns:

The value onboarding — introduce what an app does to a user. For example, you can create swipe-through screens with static graphics or animations, which explain what benefits arise from the use of applications that people can get.

Example of onboarding — swipe-through screens

Function onboarding — guide the user through the app and show how to use the app’s essential functions.

Progressive onboarding — let people discover the app by themselves and give them the most important information when using the application.
Be sure you allow people to turn onboarding off if they want (and of course turn it on back in the future when they get stuck).

5. Design an empty state.

Empty state from Google Images for iOS

6. Try before you buy.

Getting the users install and get involved with the app is really hard work. Try to educate people about the value of your app as soon as possible. Help them quickly become an advance user of your product and don’t force them to pay at the very early stage of using your app. Add some nice looking element to draw people’s attention.

I hope you found this useful!

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