This is clearly written by someone who hasn’t considered a life partner, and children, nor old age.
Roger Lawrence

I think he said that you can only determine what you really want. And if you want to settle down and have kids and home, then there’s nothing wrong with it. If you feel happy, then you feel happy and no one can judge you for that. I think it’s great that you feel content with what you have.

I don’t think that people who live this kind of lifestyle don’t think about the future and growing old. A lot of us (I live in Asia and teach English online. Salary is low, but allows me to have a good life) do think about all those things. I have retirement fund, I pay taxes, I think about the future and I’m sure that those people who make pancakes in Ecuador do, too.

And you know, not all of us want a partner. A lot of people don’t think about having a partner because this is the path they chose. Some people just like to be alone.

I totally agree with the author. I don’t ear much, but I have a pretty good lifestyle here, in Asia. I don’t think it’s fair to say that someone else’s life is wrong because they want to feel free, they don’t want mortgage and kids.

If you are happy, then that’s great :)

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