So I guess this will be a place of random thoughts. Probably a few rants. Musings here and there.

Oh, a bit about me. My name is Joanna and I’m Canadian. Okay, I guess I’m technically Romanian but I’ve called Canada my home for over 20 years so since that’s more than half my life I’m just gonna go with it. ^^

I am an irresponsible money spender. I could go to the dentist or I could look up flights to somewhere new and take off for a while. Priorities, right? XD

I love my cats more than anything. Except maybe pizza. Okay, I love them both equally. And btw, pineapple is perfectly acceptable on pizza. If you can’t accept that about me, move on.

Mostly, I’m just stumbling through this thing called life, one step at a time, trying to figure it out like anyone else. Rather than tear each other down, I wish we’d build each other up.

I guess the’s about it for me.


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