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After release of the new expansion for FIFA 18, so much rumor was spread online. Earlier time this month, we have discussed the release date and update details about FIFA 18. Today we would like to further share something related to platforms that support for the game. Some major game developers have confirmed that games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be announced for Nintendo Switch. Does FIFA 18 get equal chance to be played on it?

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New Title of FIFA 18
Next month, during the EA Play Event next month, new FIFA 18 news is set to launch. At that time, a hosts of new titles will be on show. EA announced that a good name for FIFA 18 fans gets unveiled in the next days. From June 10 -12, players will get their first chance to play many of upcoming EA Sports games which mainly include FIFA 18. Meanwhile, players can also experience the game event online. For three-day event, more details for the upcoming version will be introduced.

Support from Nintendo Switch
FIFA 18 is confirmed to be released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year. That’s really cool because you can buy FIFA 18 Coins for your game on a new platform. But we still don’t know the specific date clearly. At least, FIFA 18 remains one of the top franchises confirmed for the new console. And a customer-built mode may be applied to the game for Nintendo’s console.

Other Platforms Gets Revealed
Though FIFA 18 will come out with a customer building console later this year, people still pin their hope on other common platforms. Just like the gold.raiditem, a reliable and safe site offering cheap FIFA 18 Coins, players also hope game platforms feature in stability and convenience. Luckily, FIFA 18 will be available for PS3 or Xbox 360. For customers, what we need is not just fashionable place but also stable space to play the game. Thus we still seek for the third-party support.

The fresh new about FIFA 18 is very far beyond the above. In the future, Gold.raiditem will show more valuable news for you.