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Are you a veteran in The Elder Scrolls Online? If so, you must often pay close attention to the latest news of this amazing game. We all know the official site announced the next chapter of ESO named Morrowind will come On June 6. However, for some beginners what they want to know is how to choose a good character. And how to level up your characters fast is also very important.
As the best site to buy eso items, gold.raiditem can also tell you some top free guides that can be helpful to play The Elder Scrolls Online better. If you want to level up quickly, you should know how to nominate perfectly. ESO’s skill system can be intimidating even for Elder Scrolls veterans and MMO junkies. ESO takes a hybrid approach that allows for flexible character builds rather than three skill trees a la World of Warcraft or a free-form leveling system like Skyrim. However, you can see it soon after you planning your leveling path.

You’ll spend skill points to either unlock new abilities or morph existing ones as you level. And you need to add new effects to your chosen power. The abilities you have in your hotbar are the ones that go up in rank as you kill monsters, complete quests, and gain experience.

If you want to gain experience in all three trees as you move through the first zone, you’d better put your first points into each of your class skill trees. You’ll also find that the types of weapons and armor you have equipped will level as well — so put on pieces of gear from both the light, medium, and heavy tiers at the beginning. That way, you’ll unlock access to each tree’s passive abilities, and you’ll have more options for when you finally decide which type of armor to dedicate yourself to.

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