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I believe every human being has a life force that issource that guides, influences every area of their life.

I wrote a simple handbook to explain this belief and lay the foundation for living from and leading from this force. This is no “woo woo” book. It’s practical information for individual contributors and corporate leaders.

Make no mistake about it; anything that is accomplished personally and professionally, individually and with a group requires a force of some kind. Some call it energy, motivation or passion. …

“If we all think alike — no one is thinking very much.” - Walt Whitman

Let me get straight to the point. One key element contributing to the dilemma of creative thinking in the workplace is fear of diversity — fear of “too” different. You see this “ different” causes discomfort. This is the “get out of our comfort zone” we don’t consider and resist.

The comfort zone we usually address is pushing ourselves to grow, moving beyond where we currently are as our choice on our terms. This is the one most familiar when we use that phrase.


It had been an exciting 8 weeks! A new leadership-management training/development initiative had been launched — the format of which was something new, never tried before. Everyone agreed it was a risk.

After years of attempting to effectively “train” managers and leaders using traditional approaches (the results of which left everyone wanting), it was time to embrace fresh thinking and a new approach. It was time to jump off the insanity train. (You know, doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.)


Silly question right?…read on…

I and my strategic partners have been completely immersed over the past several years helping clients improve their bottom line. We’ve successfully helped the companies we’ve served realize millions of dollars, buried under ineffective leadership.

In the course of our work, I’ve come to a striking realization. Our work has evolved from promoting and fostering traditional management principles and practices to almost exclusively helping leaders become more relational — more “relatable”, to connect to those they lead, motivating their teams toward needed outcomes…and more importantly help them experience a shift in beliefs that these leadership capabilities…

…At Least Once a Year

It was 2:45 a.m. when I laid my head to the pillow Thursday of last week.

In the 15 plus years I’ve traveled through-out North America, it was one of the most challenging travel days in quite some time. After 3 flight cancellations and 3 delays, I finally arrived at Reagan National from Atlanta by way of Chicago only to be abandoned by the rental car service with yet another hour drive to my hotel.

With less that 5 hours of sleep, I would be on my way to a client site to conduct a…

You can tell from my profile I work in the world of talent management. You know, the talent management that helps companies find, cultivate and keep their best.

At least that that’s what most companies say they want. There is a lot of lip service in the world of talent management. I have lots to say about that — but that’s for another day.

Today I want to focus on your talent as the reader. Do you think you have any? What are you doing with what you have? Are you acting as your own talent manager?

In answer to…


Founder, JCS Business Advisors | helping leaders develop their human quotient (HQ) so they can build businesses that thrive | Top 100 HR & Mgt, experts

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