Driving Question 1

Why do I need to become a reflective practitioner?

In order for me to become a successful educator, I must be able to reflect on not only my own work but also the work of others to be able to gain insight on what is happening and have more knowledge on the topic at hand. Becoming a reflective practitioner will allow me to be exposed to different perspectives, views and attitudes as within an education workplace I must not be biased and must have an overall open attitude.

John Dewey discusses about the importance of reflection and the use of reflective thinking within an environment of education. Dewey argues, “The construct of reflection emanates from a cognitive perspective, one that focuses on logical reasoning, and involves an active analysis of beliefs and actions in search of meaning.” Expanding on this quote, it shows how Dewey see’s reflection as focusing on ones perspective to create our own thoughts and judgment about the topic where we can then be able to focus on the rational reasoning behind what is really going on. This is important when I will be teaching within an education environment as I can reflect on the positive and negatives of the students perspectives and views to be able to use their ideas as a learning experience. This demonstrates how important being a reflective practitioner is as it allows me to be able to expand on my learning and teaching approach.

Reflection also involves community and communication, which is exactly what my blog is all about. By posting my reflections with the public domain, I am able to teach other people by learning from my own experiences and then sharing them with others for them to learn too. Being a reflective practitioner means I can always improve on my teaching approaches and myself as a future educator, as not only will I be providing a learning experience to the students but I will continuously be learning myself.

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