Introduction & Purpose

Hi there, Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll be able to see my response to a series of provocation regarding technology that can be asked and answered through my reflective answers to a series of driving questions that I was given and of my own personal choice.

As you know technology is evolving and so are teaching practices, which means as a future educator I must be aware of the issues, and consequences that can arise with the use of technology. This blog will not only help me gain more knowledge of the concerns that come with technology but will also help YOU gain insight on different matters such as ethical issues surrounding emerging technology.

I will be posting 3 reflective answers to 3 different driving questions and my final blog post will be on your feedback so don’t be shy and feel free to check out my posts and leave your comments!

‘I Joanne Bashi acknowledge that all of the writing and work within my blog is my own unless stated or referenced with the correct APA refrencing otherwise.’

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