Sadly, I was told of another three suicides that happened in my area over the past five days. All three of these were men that either lost their business or their job due to lockdown orders.

In addition, I am personally talking almost daily to eight people that are considering suicide. Four of these people have lost everything they have strived for their entire adult lives due to lockdowns. Three of them are experiencing major depression because of deep loneliness. The other one lost her mother in a nursing home.

These are just the people that I am aware of…

With school being canceled, people out of work, social distancing and people getting sick, it’s understandable that anxiety is looming. Thankfully, in the midst of all of this worry and concern, there are many people that are doing random acts of kindness.

What the world needs right now is more kindness. These examples can help offer creative ideas while warming our hearts. I included random acts of kindness from all kinds of people, those that you have never heard of and those that are in the headlines regularly. This list will continue to grow each day. …

Things are looking up and moving in a positive direction. It’s time to calm your fears and worries with this good news.

hope during coronavirus, coronavirus, fears, hope, anxiety
hope during coronavirus, coronavirus, fears, hope, anxiety

This post was created by Dr. Robert J Bowman on Facebook. It certainly deserves to be shared:

“Virus Tides turning.
Some good news!

-China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital. Not enough new cases to support them.

- Doctors in India have been successful in treating Coronavirus. Combination of drugs used: Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir along with Chlorphenamine. They are going to suggest same medicine, globally.

- Researchers of the Erasmus Medical Center claim to have found an…

Being a single mom is challenging. I have been one for 14 years now.

After being away with my four year old and four month old for the weekend, I returned home to a voice message from my husband, “I guess you see things have changed. I am at my mom’s.”

This was a sudden change, completely unexpected. We were having a lot of troubles in our marriage because of religious differences. He would often say to me, “I would understand if you leave, but I would never leave you.” Well, he did. And, I was relieved.

Two weeks later…

Are you angry at millionaires and billionaires? Are you frustrated that they have much more money than you? Do you agree with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expressing that a society that “allows billionaires to exist” while some Americans live in abject poverty is “immoral”?

If you are so mad, then it's best to look at yourself and your personal habits. Also, take a look at the habits of those people that you associate with. You will find one thing in common. YOU are part of the reason why millionaires and billionaires exist. Why? Two simple reasons: 1. Most people are addicted…

(Please refer to the references at the end of this article for more information and to validate what I have shared. Make sure you share with those in charge of choosing new voting systems. Also, please clap for this article if it is helpful to you.)

In June, Los Angeles County made the move to hire Smartmatic, a Venezuelan-owned company, for up to $282 million to overhaul their voting system. This decision was made after this year’s mysterious California Primary glitch of 118,000 names that went missing from the L.A. County voter rosters. …

Several years ago, I created small local newsletter to encourage a neighborly community after I witnessed corruption within the political system and tensions between the neighbors the town. On the back page, I wrote this poem that is still needed today:

Our Voice

We have a choice
to be cruel or sweet
as we project our voice
to those we meet.

Though all too often
hurtful words are said,
lies are told that pierce our the soul
leading our hearts misled.

Sure, you have been hurt before.
We all have been used and abused. …

We all feel down and blue from time to time. With the constant barrage of bad news, corrupt politics, betrayals, mistakes, failures, sicknesses and death of loved ones, feeling sad, discouraged or disappointed is normal to experience at times. Even though I am a life and mindset coach that teaches other people how to experience more inner peace, confidence and hope, I also have moments when I feel down. The best way to deal with these feelings is to allow them to flow through you. When you allow them to flow through you, these feelings pass. …

Born Trusting

I was born. Just like you were.

When we were born, we had no choice but to trust.

We had our food, shelter and basic physical needs supplied for us.

We cried and we were fed.

We cried and our diapers was changed.

We cried and we were comforted by being rocked, being sang to, a drive in a car, or given a pacifier.

We simply had no choice to trust. We just did.

We did not worry if we were trusting the wrong person.

We naturally trusted everyone.

Toddler’s Trust

I have never seen a toddler that was afraid to walk.

We are hearing about the Suicide of many famous people lately. Within two months, three people that I have enjoyed in different ways have committed suicide:

Kate Spade. She appeared to be a classy women and devoted to her family, as well as her work. Plus, I enjoyed her Hayden bags.

Anthony Bourdain: I am a addicted to travel, especially exploring how the locals eat, play and live. Whenever I visit a new town or city, I wonder off the tourist path to enjoy some true authentic experiences. So I really enjoyed watching his experiences.

Tim Bergling, known as Avici…

Joanne Cipressi

Mindset coach, speaker, and mom that is passionate about human potential, promoting peace, fitness, travel & blueberry cobbler. I love to research & learning!

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