Open Letter to Jane Fonda about Fort McMurray, Alberta

Dear Jane,

There is no doubt that the world’s oil producing countries need to balance the need to produce oil with the environmental impacts to ensure the damage extracting that oil does not destroy our ecosystems and leave irreparable damage to our environment. I appreciate that you have taken action to speak up in defense of the future of our world.

At first I was a bit confused as to why you chose to target Fort McMurray Alberta for your activism campaign. Aside from the obvious reason that it is a community in the lime light already, I really had to stop and think about why you would choose to do trash and burn to a community that has already been brought to it’s knees by wildland fires and economic hardships.

In keeping with the reputation your pals at Greenpeace have built, you clearly have no problem isolating a community, province or country that has been devastated, and swooping in to capitalize on it for your own agendas.

How dare you acknowledge the Fort Mac wildland fire and offer sympathy, then turn and use it in the same breath to slam the community, the industry and the people of Fort Mac.

How dare you describe to your fans, followers and any other idiot that will listen, what is happening in Fort Mac when you refuse to listen to anyone who opposes you and couldn’t even take the time to fly over reclamation areas.

You, just like the rest of the selfish celebrities who live high on the hog and jet around the world, should be banned from entering Canada on the grounds that you are nothing more than an economic terrorist.

Stop capitalizing on other people’s hardship. I understand that there are areas in the Oil Sands industry that need attention, but we don’t need people like you flying over making statements based on misinformation and excluding the truths because they don’t support your cause.

If you want to tell the story of Alberta Oil Sands, ditch Greenpeace and immerse yourself in those communities.

Don’t just fly in on a guided tour, snoop around and leave. Move in.

Don’t just listen to those who are against it, get to know those who support it, find out what they have to say. If, after doing that, you still want to protest oil sands, do so in a way that does not spread half truths and misleading information.

As for the oil sands impact, you had no response to those who asked if you’ve seen any other part of the oil industry, aside from what Greenpeace wants you to see. Do you even question them? Have you done any of your own research? Or are you just going on what they feed you sprinkled with what Facebook algorithms want you to see?

If you want to do some of your own research, start with this article,

While you are there, check out the rest of that website, you might not like what you read but it has a lot of well researched information. This might help you since you clearly don’t have time to do your own research.

And why target Canada at all?

After all, our entire country only accounts for about 1.6% of the world’s GHG emissions. On top of that there has been very little increase in Canada’s GHG emissions since 1990, compared to the world's major polluters. Your own country, the United States, emitted 13.9% of the world's greenhouse gases.**

Clean up your own backyard before you start jetsetting to other countries telling us what we are doing wrong.


Jo Francis

Canadian citizen, oil sands consumer

**Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2012 accounted for 1.6% of global GHG emissions. Canada’s share of global emissions, like that of other developed countries, is anticipated to continue to decline with the expected rapid increase in emissions from developing and emerging countries, particularly China, India, Brazil and Indonesia.