A Gentle Reminder That Jesus Was A Brown Middle Eastern Refugee Who Would Not Have Voted For Trump
Sara Benincasa

I hope I’m answering what I think I am answering because I’m pretty old and not up to date on these “blogs?” But, Jesus would vote for Trump if he had to vote, because Trump will save those unborn babies that are slaughtered just as they did to false gods long ago. Much of the bible that is read today has been proven to be true, as the heresies were taken out. Now, the Catholics not only read the bible, every day at Mass, but they wrote the bible All people were Catholics who followed Jesus, as his church founded on Peter, (rock) and they were called “The Followers of the Way,” or various other names. It wasn’t until later the word “Catholic” came about, which means “Universal.” Protestant means “Protest” as that’s when the Church broke up and some went with Martin Luther, then 33,000 breaks came about. Too bad. I’ve studied all religions and attended many churches, temples, synagogues. The other reason Jesus would vote for Trump is it is against God and nature for people of the same sex to called themselves “married,” which is impossible, as the word itself means an embrace of one into the other. Marriage was designed by God so we would procreate, and at the Marriag of Cana, it became a Sacrement.

We are sinning too much and want to do what we want to do. Most who have gone down this selfish lane are very sorry later. Look what has happened to our world.

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