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I have been receiving some questions lately from some of our customers about getting users to connect to their free Wi-Fi. One of the questions that their prospective user ask was why should they connect to the free Wi-Fi network if they are already on a good 4G mobile network.


I like trendy and fun things, I enjoy spending on fashion, technologies, food and drinks. I like a good promotion, especially the limited edition ones. I have a 12 months old Samsung Galaxy S7 with my preferred telco on a massive 10 Gigabyte (GB) per month plan. …

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As the CEO of a tech start-up, I don’t have the luxury to fly business class. I travel long distances frequently where 7 to 10 hour legs are quite normal. I get sore back and neck from traveling, and bad posture working on laptop and looking at mobile screen (my favourite TV series on the go…) during travel make things worse.

Here are some of my wish lists as a typical travelling salesman these days

1. Online auction bid to upgrade to Business class in-flight.

Instead of keeping Business class seats empty during the entire flight, airlines could offer upgrades to passengers a few hours into the long flight. An in-flight online bid auction for good seats going to the highest bidder would be attractive to economy passengers suffering cram seat syndromes. …

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Advertising on mobile is expected to surpass desktop this year in 2017. Location based mobile ads are not dissimilar to physical advertising billboards or traditional out-of-home digital signage, for example people can only see them when they are near it which makes the messages very targeted. Combining both mobile ads and OOH channels wisely can complement and amplify each other effectively. While physical signage has limitations of tracking actual impressions and interactions, mobile advertising doesn’t since they can be individually tracked and monitored on each user’s device. …

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