An external Communication Strategy simply outlines the planned approach for communicating about your company activities in order to reach your objectives. It identifies the information to communicate, the audience and the communication methods to use, in other words; how you tell your company story. It should be clear, easily understood and it must be aligned with your overall company strategy and objectives.

To build the strategy you need to follow 5 steps. It’s not rocket science, and it works!

  1. Determine your communication goals and objectives: Why do we need to communicate now? Each objective should have a goal, a target…

You’ve heard a lot about what we can expect from the Maritime Industry in 2020. Some of it will happen and some probably won’t. But, whatever happens, research tells us that no real change is possible without good leadership and communication.

Companies have a huge responsibility to lead the change. But what can we do, together and as individuals, to help improve the reputation of this industry?

There is a lot we can all work on, but to make a start here we focus on three things we can all work on right now:

  1. Our leadership & soft skills
  2. Holding…

When I first wrote about the topic of leadership in the maritime industry last year, I shared the executive summary of the Masters research study I had just completed. Looking back, the article was probably a bit long and heavy for those of us who want more of a lighter yet valuable read.

In this article, I get to the point. And in each upcoming article, I answer a specific question. This time: I asked 37 Maritime Professionals what they thought of their current industry leaders. I also asked them what they desire from their existing or future leaders.


Joanne Kelleher

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