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Jesus the Man

Jesus the Magnificent

Research on the Burial Shroud

“The Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP)indicates that the images cannot be man-made, either by an artist or by a forger, so the images must have been made in some way by the body that was wrapped within the Shroud. This is the only explanation that is consistent with the characteristics of the images proven in 1978. The images are not due to pigment such as paint, stain, or dye, since careful scientific examination of the images indicate they contain no pigment, no carrier, no brush strokes, no clumping of fibers or threads, no capillarity (soaking up of a liquid), and no cracking of the images along the fold lines. It was also proven by STURP that the images are not due to a liquid, a scorch, a photographic process, or any other process that STURP could think of.

Further, the discoloration of the fibers that form the image was caused by radiation, so the image is a radiation burn. This is because the image is on the inside of the wrapped configuration and the discoloration mechanism that formed the image required information to control it. The required information is that which defines the appearance of a naked crucified man. This information must have come from the body because it was only inherent to the body, and not to the limestone or air in the tomb. Only radiation could communicate this required information from the body to the cloth. Information can be communicated by radiation through its energy, intensity, and direction. It is important to realize that such a high intensity burst of radiation is never released in any normal event by a human body, whether living or dead. Thus, the formation of the images on the Shroud appears to require an event that was beyond or outside our current understanding of the laws of physics.” (

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This is simply amazing. Extensive research has been performed to discover how the image was obtained onto the cloth and the final discovery is it was radiated from the body that was wrapped in it.

Out of this world, uncommon occurrence that cannot be done by a mere human. Of course other scientist disagree as usual, but I think I like the decision above.

Good Friday and the Stations of the Cross

This has always been so interesting to me. I was raised in the Catholic church and had to go to church everyday plus confession on Saturday and Mass on Sunday with my family for seven years.

Every Good Friday we all would congregate in the church in the afternoon for Mass and then the Stations of the Cross were performed with the priests going to each stained glass window and telling us what it meant and saying prayers and swinging incense.

As a child learning about the Catholic faith I had always had a heightened interest in the information about the crucifixion of Jesus and along with an extreme sadness. This was horrible and how could they do that to such a being. Can you imagine the horror, the pain and the fear of this along with the struggle to carry the heavy cross to your own death? It’s overwhelming!

Right now writing this — it makes me sad and teary-eyed. Today I don’t feel I am wasting my time writing as I sometimes do.

Today is the day of remembrance and reflection and sadness. How do you think His Mother felt? He was only thirty-three and so young and the feelings she had having her child treated in such a way. Astonishing pain!

There is a lot of controversy about this holy weekend and when Jesus’ body was put in the cave before the “Sabbath” on a Friday evening, then gone on the following Sunday. (
so . . . lets not go there, but this weekend is the time for remembrance and prayer.

Be nice and be kind, helpful and sweet. This is what Jesus would have wanted.