We finally know what’s going to be in the Senate version of Trumpcare — and it’s not pretty
Judd Legum

Now we see for sure that the McConnell and the GOP Senators have no inclination to do anything that would actually fix the healthcare system. There is nothing in this that addresses the real issues. The price hikes by Big Pharma is not addressed, maybe because the donated 78,000,000.00 to this cause. The one thing that Big Pharma has done is take money for their large profit margins by hiking the prices on cheap drug that comes from Medicaid and Medicare. They do not address the other Corporations that are making millions through fraud. All they want to do is blame the poor, elderly, and the working poor for the problems thinking that by denying them healthcare will make them come up with money that they do not have. This bill will also hurt the people who get their healthcare from their employers by raising costs to the employee and ending the protections. This is wrong and needs to be stopped.

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