Why software is expensive

Software can be quite expensive. There are so many websites and apps, and they can be really cheap! Some people build websites for €200. How can you refuse such an offer?

Everyone wants a fast, secure, maintainable, beautiful and cheap car.

A fast car needs to be developed by good engineers. Secure cars need to be carefully and securely designed and crafted by engineers. Maintainable cars need to be carefully designed. Beautiful cars need someone with a good eye to design them with care, specialised towards the customer’s needs. And cheap cars need people with little experience to design and develop them using cheap materials.

Software is no different.

Everyone wants a fast, secure, maintainable, beautiful and cheap website.

When websites and apps are developed they need people with a knowledge and experience to build the websites using the best tools they have available.

A fast application on slow hardware will still be slow. And a good developer with little time doesn’t have the room to design a website with care.

Ultimately, money, is of key importance when creating a good website. A good developer will create websites better or faster, but not both at the same time. A developer is like an artist in this sense.

A musical only lasts an hour..
but the necessary preparations lasted months.

An artist’s play is comparatively expensive. €80 for an hour of entertainment is extremely expensive. But the time spent to achieve the quality and complexity of this play took months.

A car can cost €100'000, but the same functionality, driving, can be achieved for just €1000. The quality, durability and performance of the expensive car is worth the money. But you can still drive to your family in a cheaper car.

Facebook a simple social media website..
but the technology employed is exponentially more complex.

As with cars and artists, a website or app can be really expensive or really cheap. Ultimately it’s the standards you hold the website to that decides what the price of the website is.

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