A month ago @elleluna started the #100dayproject where you share something daily for 100 days. I’m a little late to the game but hey better late than never!

But what should I do for 100 days? I don’t have time for sketching or designing (which seem to be what architects would do). Especially with work and exams, these 100 summer days are gonna be crazy.⠀

So what do I really need to get through all these?

A little talk of motivation for us — architects and designers.⠀

For the next 100 days, you’re gonna get some #100daysofarchitecttalk from me.⠀

The things that no one ever tell you in school. The little kick in the butt you (and I) need to just keep going.⠀

Plus…expect my super long captions as always!

Starting tomorrow! See ya soon 🤓