You’re Enough

Day 001 . #100DaysofArchitectTalk

This year my new moto is “I’m enough”. I’ve done well over enough.⠀

I’m an over achiever working myself to multiple burnouts in the past two years. My health was declining and my stress was compounding. So I thought about this a lot — why am I putting myself in this situation?

Do I just need all the praise? Am I so perfectionist that I can’t stop myself from pursuing?

It turns out — I always thought I wasn’t enough.

As a super introvert (like 90% in my personality test), I’m not good at expressing myself. I won’t even go up on stage to present my own winning design in a competition, just because I don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of more than 1 person.

Let the work speak for itself, they say. So I worked very hard behind the scene to let my work speak loud and clear. I’d spend all my time making sure everything I show to the world is perfect. 

But being an introvert in this extrovert dominated profession keeps me at a low confidence everyday.⠀

I can’t bullshit like those guys. I don’t know how to bring up a problem without shaking my voice. So I must not be enough right?⠀

If you’re like me, take a step back and really look at your own work. You’ll realize what you’ve done is way more than enough.⠀

You might be an introvert. But you’re talented and creative. You spend more time thinking and analyzing. You’re focused and authentic. So your work is already beautiful and amazing.⠀

Tell yourself you’re enough.

Then go reward yourself with a pint of strawberry ice cream (at least that’s what I’m doing tonight 🍦).