Rooting ourselves in our bodies to seed new possibilities

Today I am a human catalogue of seeds. Who knows which might take root and grow, or be blown in the wind to some lifeless spot. In either case, I will sow, as we humans do — cycling between downward and virtuous cycles.

berries on a twig
berries on a twig
Photo by Gerson Cifuentes on Unsplash

At 1 pm, I am having a Zoom lunch with a friend: we are both feeling up-ended: it’s an edgy discomfort. There seems to be no ground that we can safely land and rest in our hearts or our minds. It is as though the turn in towards Autumn brings turbulence that is more unnerving than the-summer-of-going-nowhere. We are both circling in downwards spirals, going nowhere fast.

Two hours later, I am alive with possibility and wonder. …

Living and learning through a systemic lens

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Living in Systems is a platform to develop our systemic sensibility, sharing skills and developing competencies we can take back out into our emerging worlds.

Living in Systems is about learning to use Systems Thinking to inform how we take action in our lives.

It is about integrating embodied Systems Being with Systems Thinking in finding ways to be, in a fast-changing world.

It is about taking responsibility in our personal and professional lives to live authentically and to design systems that serve both humans and the planet.

We live in complexity, we live with messy situations all around us, and in cirumstances we cannot always control. A systems approach to understanding our environment places each of us very much in the frame of how we interpret and interact with the world. There is no objective standpoint from which we can arbitrate on objective truth. There is no “I” that exists apart from the context I find myself in and there is no way to avoid being in a relationship with others. …


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Joan O’Donnell, Author

I find myself living in liminal spaces, always in gaps, where the nebulous gold of our lives reside. I can fee it and touch it and it illudes description, but ripples through all our being. And it is a source of eternal inquiry for me.

The most momentous moments of my life have been the spaces in between, where all the magic happens when I thought I was just going from a to b. …


Joan O'Donnell

Doctoral researcher, lecturer, living and learning in systems. Advanced Social Presencing Practitioner, Editor:

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