For day one of “Inktober” 2018, the prompt was “poisonous.” Turns out there is a word that indicates a poison that is also a cure: pharmakon ( a la derrida )

My chemo regimen starts with one oral dose of a drug that is so intense, it can only be taken once every six weeks. So in the days approaching Day One, I expected a very dramatic, possibly cinematic, experience. FYI, “The Present” is the umbrella under which I’m gathering all these cancer diary comics. Anyway, here’s a fake trailer for a fake movie about a story from my real life.

IN A WORLD. Where the only way OUT. Is THROUGH. ONE WOMAN. Risks everything. And almost loses her mind… To save. Her brain.

Fear of the unknown does strange things to the imagination. I’m on Day 4 now, feeling surprisingly well. Still dreading Day 8…

Joan Reilly

Illustrator, comics-maker. Art designer for graphic novel, “Amongst the Liberal Elite” by Elly Lonon. Brain-cancer-haver.

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