Letter to my British friends — on the day you refused me protection after Brexit
Nyla Nox

Time to leave. There are other European countries. If someone that has your values is not welcome in the UK anymore, then it’s their loss.

It might take a decade for the full effects to appear, but they will. They forget how immigrants can be the life and blood of their nation. They had a crisis, like everyone else, and they got naively swayed that the problem were the poor working immigrants when in reality the problem are the richer ones that pay less taxes and contribute way less than the workers that they employ by trying to spend the minimum that they can. They are the ones that suck the life out of the workers and try to give back as less as they can.

There are real woes that should be addressed, but addressing the wrong causes is just as bad or worse than not doing anything.

What’s sad is that when the poor get poorer as all of the companies exit the UK with their jobs, they’ll be swayed to blame something else. Never themselves or the real culprits. It’s sad, but it’s true.

You’re better off in some country that is more civilized and that seems to be resilient towards these hateful ‘blame the immigrant’ movements that swept Europe and the so called ‘civilized’ world. Thank god that today countries like the Netherlands showed that democracy can still work, at least if the people that live there have a good dose of common sense as they showed they have.

The worst is: this movement is not new. Berlusconi and others used it for decades. It only leads to a failing democratic state, corruption cronyism and perhaps nasty divides and wars.

Maybe the UK will realize it soon enough as we will probably no longer be able to keep the U in the UK. It’s sad, but they brought it upon themselves.

If you don’t want to go far, it looks like Scotland or Ireland might be better alternatives. It sucks, but I’m sure you’ll thrive somewhere else.