The Corbyn Model of Leadership

Great article, Roy Madron. Having worked — professionally and academically — with participatory processes for many years, and having a passionate interest in promoting participatory principles in practice within politics, I am wondering how we can address the challenge that you identify when you write: “Moreover, so far, Corbyn himself seems not to have offered any specific ideas on how to turn participative theory into political practice”.

It seems to me that your paper (or perhaps a shortened version of it) would act as a good foundation paper which Momentum (for example) could disseminate, then use as the basis for meetings set up at a local level to discuss how to progress these ideas (thus starting off the grassroots participatory process that Jeremy Corbyn is so keen on developing).

Any idea how we can bring together those of us who are convinced by the ideas you are talking about, and use them to influence the development of largely action-based groups such as Momentum? It would provide another version of developing the diversity in team work that you so rightly talk about as being the most effective way of working!

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