QHack Recap — PennyLane, Amazon Braket and Beyond 🚀

source: QHack 2021
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What is QML?

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Day 1

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source: (Cerezo et al., 2020)

Day 2

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source: Twitch (QHack)
source: Twitch (QHack)

Lessons Learned

  1. If you want to win, team up—time is your worst enemy during an hackathon and working alone can only get you so far up the scoreboard; assemble a team (the hardest part!), define some goals (e.g. reaching top 50), identify possible constraints (different timezones, day job from 9 to 6, exam season around the corner, &c.), create a battle plan (tackle “low hanging fruit” problems first, go for a certain category, &c.), distribute the challenges among your teammates according to their expertise and start climbing that hackathon hill ⛰️
  2. Know thy primitives — make sure you have a solid knowledge of Pennylane’s quantum operations and templates, it will save you a lot of time
  3. Read, don’t F-read— read the problem statement carefully from top to bottom and don’t shy away from lengthy descriptions
  4. Don’t cower before (seemingly) hard problems — this happened to me with the natural gradient problem and it ended up being one of the easiest to implement
  5. Don’t stay too long on the same problem — either go outside and breathe some fresh air or move on to the next problem
  6. K.I.S.S. and follow your instincts— don’t overcomplicate (elegant solutions usually involve just a few lines of code) and trust your intuition (if you “know your stuff”, it’s usually right)
  7. Think outside the box but stay in the box— using drag-n-drop simulators like Quirk is a great way to gain some intuition on what an Ansatz is actually doing but not much else; run experiments while coding and keep a log of all the changes you’ve made and what their impact was









Solutions Architect @ AWS 👨‍💻 | BCI Researcher 🧠 | AWS Certified ML Specialist ☁️ | Quantum Hacker ⚛️

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João Galego

João Galego

Solutions Architect @ AWS 👨‍💻 | BCI Researcher 🧠 | AWS Certified ML Specialist ☁️ | Quantum Hacker ⚛️

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