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I absolutely love the prospect of both Len and Mclemore has great low-risk/high-ceiling signings this year. Len has very nice per 36 minute numbers and was playing behind a veteran in Chandler (which I dunno why Phx never traded to allow Len to develop), so I’m not done on his potential yet. I can’t play with the eye test ’cause I haven’t watched him at all the past season, but I’m assuming the starting caliber center potential is there, no?

Mclemore, well. Just the fact he was on the Kings should throw almost every bad thing about him out the window. If i’m looking for a shooter and don’t have a lot of money, I’m banking on him. You could realistically get a 3 and D guy with freakish athleticism on his prime for the cheap. If it doesn’t work, who cares. I think it’s the type of gamble that can make teams go from good to great.

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