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I honestly think this is an easier decision than it should be and it seems like the Hawks are gonna do the wrong thing by maybe throwing him an extension.

Millsap is a good player, no doubt about it. If they thought they could’ve really moved him for some pieces, they should’ve done so already. Now, they can’t possibly be thinking of paying another guy whose probably going to be a role player at best in 3 years. They already have the Dwight problem. Millsap was great. WAS. If you look at his numbers, he already gone down a bit this year. If you look at him on the court? Exact same thing, at least a step slower. It’s likely to go downhill from here.

The Hawks are not as doomed as other franchises… Schroeder seems to be for real and Bazemore can still progress and turn into a guy at least worth his salary. Hardway Jr probably gonna be more expensive than they thought but hey, that’s because he’s proven to be better as well. There’s a first round this year, two next year and maybe some more cap space in the land of Gucci Mane et al. That’s not a bad place to be if Millsap walks.