Can The Cornetto Trilogy be a classic?

After all this years, he have to realize is that the unofficial Cornetto Trilogy is , indeed, a modern classic. There´s no way to deny it. All movies directed by Edgar Wright, the first (Shaun of the Dead) was released in 2004 and, till this day, it´s still a horror-comedy favorite for a lot of people (me included). The last movie that came out of this trilogy (The World´s End), in 2007, it´s another great movie, as well has the second (Hot Fuzz). So, here are 5 reasons that makes this trilogy a classic:

1 — It´s a solid trilogy

Everytime a trilogy is made, there´s always that one movie that it´s not in the same level of greatness as the others. If you talk about The Godfather, make sure you don´t mentioned The Godfather III. If you´re thinking about the first Spider-man movies, the ones directed by Sam Raimi, make sure you erase Spider-Man 3 from your memory (yes, the one with Venom in it). And still there´s no way to deny that there´s only one Matrix movie that´s watchable.

So, a good and solid trilogy, it´s something rare. The only examples that standout out are the Lord of the Rings and Toy Story. And, of course, the Cornetto Trilogy. Just because of that, this should be watched at least once an year.

2 — It´s extremely well directed

All hail Edgar Wright! He is, nowadays, one of the best directors that we have. And we should not take it for granted. Wright has an unique way to direct his movies. With the fast editing and the weirdly ways to put objects and people in and out of the frame, it makes the whole experience more funny and more enjoyable. But not just the comedy, but the action is awesome — with long and wide takes, without much shaky cam, so we can watch the fights in awe. He´s a director who know how to connect with the actors and with the audience and a director who should be get more recognition that he has.

3 — The writing is amazing

Besides how it´s directed, the writing of the three films are the best writed comedy films I´ve ever seen. For this, we have to take off our hats for mister Simon Pegg, who not only takes the lead role on the movies, but wrote them too. With a lot of cultural references and memorable one-liners, he created amazing characters, so the audience could relate to them. Funny and dramatic where it needs to be, this movies are rich and full of content that it doesn´t get boring on multiple viewings.

4 — It touches on deep social issues

So, jokes and action aside, this trilogy touches on real social issues. Divided through the course of the three movies, they touch on friendship, love, family, persistence in our jobs, lies and even on the meaning of mankind. Those are all subjects of a drama or a sci-fi, but it´s more effective because they display this issues in a funny and ironic way, making us think if what´s on purpose of it was just for the sake of being funny.

5 — All the movies have a great message

And last, but not least, the messages of the movies. I´m not gonna lie — I almost teared in the ending of The World´s End. That just shows you how powerful the messages of this movies are. If you´re paying attention, what Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have to say about all the issues that I mentioned before is really thought provoking and that just makes the experience a lot better. After watching the movie, you´ll keep thinking about what they showed you and, maybe, that could change the way you approach life in general.

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