“Moana” — The Anti-Pollution Animated Movie

Everyone, by, have saw or heard about “Moana”, the new movie of Walt Disney Animation Studios. The movie is about a girl, named Moana (voiced by Aulií Cravalho), daughter of the island´s chief, that has a deep desire to explore the seas and discover wants on the other side of the reef. The adventure starts when, to save the island, she has to restore the heart of the goddess Te Fiti, that was stolen by Maui (perfectly voiced by Dwayne Johnson).

This is the story that supports the whole movie. But is it the real story that these creators wanted to tell?


So, everything revolves around the premise that, since the heart of Te Fiti was stolen, the Earth started to die. Te Fiti was the goddess that could create Life, and her heart was stolen by the demi-god Maui, so he could give this power of Creation to the Humans. Ever since that, the Earth is dying, putting in danger the island and the capacity of the inhabitants to survive. For prevent this to happen, Moana has to find the heart of Te Fiti and give it back to her, so she doesn´t wreck the world.

Like almost any Disney movie, the movie presents amazing animation, really cool songs and a bunch of side characters that will entertain kids and grow ups. It really is a classic Disney movie, with all he could want from it. And, perhaps, even more. Because, the subliminal message is more important and actual than it could look superficially.

The movie itself is an advertising for global warming and the pollution that contaminates our world. Since the humans where given the power to create, the earth started to die, little by little. With the advance of technology and the continuous use of oil, the Earth cough everytime a Human takes a step. We created more than the Earth could provide, and that is killing us. No matter how much people try to ignore it or even claim that global warming is not real. It is real, and is happening right now. Just look at the glaciers or the forest or, even, the changing weather that occurs in every country. It creators of Moana believe in this problem and they tried to perpetuate the message of saving Earth with this movie.

This is not only to entertain us, but also to educate us.

The movie just tries to raise awareness about this topic. It waves the flag and hopes that the humans start to realize that the earth is dying and that he have to return the heart to Te Fiti — give the power to Mother Nature again. Only her needs the power to create Life. Only her can help us to survive.