Comic Review: Injustice Gods Among Us Year 1 vol 1

Table of Contents
1. Foreword
2. Summary/Spoiler Alert
3. Premise of the Comics
4. Things that Disappointed Me
5. You Should Read It
6. End Notes


If you are unfamiliar with any character I mention then I implore you to Google the character. It will help you appreciate DC Comic lore.

While knowing the entire lore of each and every character isn’t important to the graphic novel, not knowing characters or anyone for that matter will bum you out.

Also, whenever you see me write “(#)” this means I have a note at the end note.

Summary/Spoiler Alert: Joker and Harley Quinn murder Scarecrow in Metropolis. The pair lay a trap for Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. (The trap was an anonymous tip about a corrupt official) In the trap, Harley quickly subdues Lois, and Joker shoots Jimmy’s head.

Superman calls the Justice League to find his pregnant wife. (Yes Lois is pregnant and yes they are married in this timeline) After scouring the city, Superman finds a curious submarine which he dumps on the shore. He tears the sub open to find that Joker and Harley were doing a surgery on Lois.

When Supes confronts the insane duo, he gets sprayed by a Scarecrow Fear Gas/Kryptonite synthesis. He sees Doomsday, and in his panic for his family’s safety, he carries Doomsday into space. The synthesis wears off revealing that he actually carried Lois Lane into space.

O snap fam I just got bamboozled

In his despair, he flies back towards Joker, but is greeted by a nuclear explosion. Metropolis is devastated. Joker placed a trigger in Lois. If she dies, the nuke blows up.

After greiving, Superman’s retribution was quick. He flew straight towards Joker, barely glancing at those who tried to stop him, and tore out the Clown Prince of Crime’s heart.

I guess Joker really has no heart

When Superman was done grieving, he placed the whole world under ceasefire. With the help of the Justice League, many conflicts were stopped, but people had problems with Superman imposing peace. The Government of USA used Mirror Master to kidnap Supes parents, Aquaman places an embargo on all sea trade while creating conflict with surface dwellers, and Ares, the God of War, confronts Wonder Woman and attempts to kill her to stop the possibility of Wonder Woman and Superman from ever creating a child.

For the first two issues, Superman receives help from the Justice League to solve them. For the last one, Superman and Wonder Woman team-up to incapacitate Ares.

Batman plots against Superman because he believes that Superman started limiting freedom and that power corrupts. When Superman decides to take all the villains of Gotham away from Arkham Asylum and into his own special prison, Batman loses it.

The Dark Knight has Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne) help him stop Superman and the Justice League from removing the villains from Arkham. A riot in the Asylum takes place, leading to Robin accidentally killing Nightwing.

The fighting stops, and Batman carries Nightwing out, lamenting as rain starts to pour. This leads to Batman creating his own group of heroes.

End of Volume 1

Premise of the Comics
If you have read or watched the animated movie (1) of “Batman: The Killing Joke” then you will immediately see the sick theory Joker has become a reality. The theory of the Clown Prince of Crime is that all it takes for a person to lose his or her marbles is a really bad day.

A bad day wouldn’t be something like getting mud splashed onto you as you’re waiting for public transportation. It isn’t even getting hit by a car, or receiving a ticket for speeding. A really bad day is when life throws something so sick and horrendous your way.

This horrendous thing could be a wide array of things like:
a) Your puppy being slaughtered in front of you then the assailant force feeds your pet’s meat to you
b) Witnessing your parents murder (2)
c) Seeing your daughter get taken advantage of, followed by further humiliation by your daughter’s assailant (3)
d) In Superman’s case, being drugged to murder your pregnant wife which causes the city you love to be destroyed.

NSFW sketchy Joker

Unlike in “Batman: The Killing Joke” however, Superman does not follow Jim Gordon’s lead. Jim Gordon believed that even if The Joker is a monumental douche bag asshole scum, the Jester of Genocide should still stand trial for his crimes.

Another thing that should be pointed out is that this isn’t Batman v Superman the film. The powerhouse duo here have been friends for awhile already, and they’ve built a friendship of trust and loyalty. They have fought side-by-side making the sudden rift in their relationship distressing.

Also, unlike Batman v Superman the film, the Dark Knight is actually opposed to maiming and possibly killing people in Injustice. His fear isn’t that Superman is an alien he can’t control or trust, as opposed to BvS. The Man of Steel, for him, became corrupted or twisted when Supes murdered Joker.

Things that Disappointed Me

Nothing disappointed me except the characters themselves. While I enjoyed the writing style and characterisations, the actions the characters did disappointed me. I fully understand Superman murdering the Joker, but I did not appreciate the self fulfilling prophecy Batman placed on Supes.

Although Superman’s idea of a world at peace is altruistic, many factors distorted his world views in the later novels. The biggest factor, for me, was Batman abandoning Superman. The picture below says it all.

Ken Jeong: Ha gay!

If the two powerhouses actually had a proper conversation where BOTH parties left behind their machismo, I’m sure they would find a middle ground that they could work on. Instead, Batman chooses to contradict Superman’s every move causing the Man of Steel to bottle up and resist everything Bats has to say.

You Should Read It
This is a definite alternate universe that every DC fan should own, and is a must read for people in general. It contains social themes that are relevant, such as “responsibilities of power” and “listening to others/empathy” in a package that’s easy to read and thoroughly entertaining.

While this graphic novels a disturbing picture of my 2nd favourite comic book character, and it places in the limelight the over-hyped Batman (4), Injustice is one of the most important pieces in my collection.

Lastly, Nightwing’s death was stupid and I loved it. It shows how non-metas really are in the DC universe and how easily they can be killed. (5)

Boop crack lolz he ded

End Notes

(1) I liked the comic more than the movie.
(2) This was Batman’s bad day which led him to become who he is.
(3) This was Jim Gordon’s bad day, which was what The Joker caused to prove to Batman that all it takes for a person to go insane and change his way of thinking was a bad day.
(4) Yes I went there you mad bruh?
(5) If you think I’m a bad person for finding the death of a fictional character comedic, then you suk. I am awesome so BACK. OFF. loljk drop a response below and tell me how much you hate me, I appreciate it.(6)
(6) Lol not really but I am not gonna stop you from voicing out your opinion.

I do not claim ownership over Injustice: Gods Among Us and other trade marked items by DC. I do not claim ownership over the photos, but I do claim ownership over ONE Injustice Gods: Among Us Volume 1 graphic novel.