Why I HATE your FAKE redesign!
Alex Barashkov

I agree partially because everyone who is working to improve and getting better on their designs may just have an admiration for that website they have made a redesign of. You can’t go so straight by saying that those works shouldn’t be considered and should be scrubbed from the internet. I love Twitter and my first design project on Behance was a Twitter redesign. So what? I never imagined myself sending my resume to Twitter of even make people thinking​ that I worked for Twitter. I work on what I like in my way, that’s it. I just LIKE Twitter and my work was a WORK on which I spent a lot of hours trying to design something clean and UX-friendly, and although I just got less than 10 ​likes, I’m proud of what I did and any word will make my efforts and ego fall down. I got your point and agree with the lack of UX on some redesign projects, however when you do live in a country that doesn’t help anyway our lives, we have to shot everywhere to get a damn job to pay the freaking bills. Come living in Brazil and let’s see if you will think that way you do.